Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greenwich Prime Meridian...

I took an inexpensive ferry ride down the Thames to Greenwich yesterday. It is a great little area that is beautifully located on the river. It has a bit of a Russian feel with the dome like structures spaced to the side of the Queen's house not obstructing her view. The Greenwich park that backs up behind the house and Maritime Museum is a beautiful area. Because London hasn't received much rain this summer, it is all yellow. Yesterday marked the 2 year countdown until the Olympics actually. I thought it was appropriate that I was here for the day because this is where the equestrian events will be taking place. As is a lot of London, Greenwich is undergoing some serious construction in preparation for the Olympics.

This was the Royal Observatory, now a museum where you can find more telescopes and clocks than you would know what to do with.

I remember hearing Greenwich is one of the areas where the prime meridian at 0 degrees. Had to stratal the line and with one foot in the E and one foot in the W. Classic shot right? Along the line marked different cities that pass through the line as well. I guess at night a red laser beams through the air showing it lit up at night.

There are 4 footpaths I think the river boat guy commentator said that pass under the Thames River. One of them is in Greenwich where you see the dome below. It was a bit creepy I must say. I walked many steps down the dome to what was 30 feet under the river. It was cold and dark down there. I didn't mess around with getting to the other side.

200,000 white tiles that line it. The 1st pic on the post shows the view from the other side. I didn't stop to take a pic until the end of the tunnel was in sight.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

I loved going to greenwich. Fun little place and when we were there they had a little vintage market that had a lot of cute little knick knacks.

Mary Martha said...

I went on a tuesday so the market wasnt open until wed through the weekend. So many great markets here for sure tho!