Monday, July 5, 2010

The world is so small sometimes it's embarrassing...

We had an exciting 4th full of surprises. We just got moved into our petite studio on Saturday. Sunday morning we had a convenient 5 minute walk to the Hyde Park chapel. It was exciting to be back in the very ward Andrew had served in 4 years ago. He saw a few familiar faces but all new to me. We sat next to the nicest couple, Jessica and Neal, who are from the states as well working in London. They invited us to meet in Hyde Park that afternoon with some of their friends to celebrate the 4th.

It's a big park and it took as a good hour of walking around to find them. The park was packed with people attending the Wireless concert (JayZ performing later in the evening) and enjoying the sunshine that is supposedly rare here. I enjoyed getting to know Jessica and Neal a bit more. I'm impressed with Jessica's work ethic as she works until 9 or 10 at night for Citi.

When I was checking my email later last night, I had a message from Jessica. We were all ready friends on facebook. She forwarded on a message I had written her over a year ago...

I had picked up the Utah Bridal magazine which is my favorite bridal because familiar venues and sometimes even a familiar face. There was an article on this adorable girl who wore the Melissa Sweet "Fern" at her wedding and the sleeves she added only enhanced its greatness. I had loved that dress when I was dress hunting. But I couldn't even think about it because my engagement was under 6 months and it takes at least that to come in. I'll admit the dress was out of my league. The lace is very intricate and it is 3 tiered stacking a bit. I loved it. So when I saw it in the magazine with someone else who had made it modest, I asked her to be my friend on facebook so I could see more pics of it.

Little did I know, I would actually meet her and we'd hit it off in the park.

Happy 4th!

The pic isn't upclose enough to see how intricate the material is. It's amazing!

Beautiful, Jessica.

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