Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dresden, Germany

I'm going to crunch a couple more travel posts then the randomness of London living...

This is the Procession of Princes made out of 25,000 ceramic tiles. It is one of the few things that wasn't bombed in WWII. The entire town was pretty much leveled. But they have built everything back up and the square looks exactly as the old. I'd be a believer if I wasn't told otherwise. This is neat to see all the different kings and duke from the 1100's until the 1900's with their name underneath. One of the things Dresden is known for. See the pink pipe down the way? Unfortunate they don't put their water pipes under ground, too expensive.


The Sophienkeller is a popular restaurant in Dresden for a traditional meal and ambiance. The pork on the stick hoof and all isn't my thing though.

King & Queen, at least we thought...

Each town seems to have a 'must do' or 'must see' that characterizes the city. Dresden was a great town because it isn't as well toured. But it is beautifully located on the river with amazing bike and walking trails throughout. Some cities seem to be too big with too much traffic for bikes. But Dresden was perfect. The first day we were there we went to rent bikes at noon and it was too late. We had to be one of the first people in the morning there to get one because they go so fast. It was such a great bike town. They had a huge outdoor viewing set up for the soccer game too. It was on the other side of the river looking towards the old part of town.

If you look close enough you can see Drew on the bottom right. Dinner at a cute cafe and the dome in the high distance is where we hiked up too to see the city from above.

It was game day for the US. We went to watch it at the big watch party but all the Germans were going to Ghana so we had to booked it back to the hotel in between halves to get away from the haters.

Andrew with his map trying to point out things from above. Love him!
I'm not sure what this was to be perfectly honest. The bride was beautiful. I thought it was a costume wedding but they weren't affiliated.


Whitney Elizabeth said...

Ok, so I've spend the last few hours reading all your travel posts. What a trip of a life time! So happy for you guys. Love you!

Shane D. said...

Your summer is SO AWESOME.. Dang..