Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I did a day trip to bath a few weeks ago. I was only a couple hours away on the train. It was the neatest town. A day wasn't enough really, but I wanted to be home before Drew got done with work. They're known for their Roman Baths with excellent mineral water. They now have popular modern baths as well--spas as we know it. The Cathedral in the center of town is a sight to see. I really enjoyed.

The shopping bridge above reminded me of Florence.

The Cathedral seen right next to the Bath is beautiful.

The worst part about traveling solo besides being alone is not have people in your pics. I much prefer to have people in my pics. At the baths I asked some people to take my pic. weirdo!

The Fudge store next to the cathedral is amazing. you can see it on the left.

They say this is the oldest house in bath. Tourist rap really. But neat to see the carriage carrier thing that they would carry the ladies in to and from the bath.

If you go to Bath, have to have their Bun.

Located on the river and is so beautiful. As with most Roman ruins, city built on top of the city. You can see the lower half of the city here.

Graduation day. Graduates and their family everywhere. I picked a busy day to go to Bath. But glad I went nevertheless.

Jane Austin lived in Bath and did a lot of her writings here. I think I was told on 3 separate occasions that 'Jane Austin lived here.' She must have moved around a lot.
He museum below even though I didn't bother.

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

i LOVED bath. me and my fellow abroaders had a great time. Did you make it over to the royal crescent? famous piece of architecture. I touched the water even though you aren't supposed to- and in fact it was warm! haha. loving your blog!