Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grace Kelly...

Yesterday I visited the V&A Grace Kelly exhibit. I remember reading online months ago that there was an exhibit in London for her before we knew we'd be here for the summer. I'm inspired by her class and grace. As bad as this sounds, if I could look and dress like anyone in the world, it would be her. I'm in love with her beauty, elegance, and innocence that she portrays. The way she carries herself is mesmerizing. I haven't seen a trashy photo of her yet. Her gowns and dresses were modest and often very simple. She wore her hair in a variety of up-do's a lot of the time--with a hat too sometimes. Even when her hair was down, she had it tucked behind her ears to see her beautiful smile. If that isn't the most beautiful thing about her, her style is stunning. I was reminded by someone close to me that when you are apart of royalty you have that advantage and means to do so. But she had something more than royalty and all its means on her side. As she transitioned from Hollywood to Royalty, she could of gone about it so much different. There could have been far more jewels and sequins flashy and bright, but she was much more understated than that.


Grace Kelly had two wedding ceremonies--a civil and a religious. This is her wedding dress for the religious one on April 19th, 1956 . All 3,000 people in Monaco were invited. I'm partial to the lace and long sleeves myself. I was sad that her dress wasn't at the exhibit. I guess it is too delicate to travel.

This was her suit for the civil ceremony. This one was at the exhibit. These pics don't do it justice really. So amazing! It's lace over silk tafeda made by Helen Rose who made a lot of her great things.

This is what GK wore to meet Prince Rainier for the first time. The electrical workers of France went on strike the night before and her clothes were wrinkled so she just put this dress on which was the only one that didn't need ironing. She couldn't style her hair either without electricity so she pulled it back and put some artificial flowers in her hair. This was at the Cannes Film Festival, 1955.

Display at the exhibit. I took a few before I saw the no photography sign. opps!

This is what she was wearing when she announced her engagement at her parents Philly house. This is my other favorite to the civil suit. Love the red lipstick too!

She wore this after the ceremony at a wedding party. It's great to read about each dress and where to she wore. I kind of lived it for a moment. Maggy Rouff made this silk satin chiffon dress. Yes, I wrote down the designers of my favorite dresses to do some more research.

The other one I saw and was a top 3 for sure was the third one to the right. I can't find much info on it. Oleg Cassini designed it for the 1954 Cannes Film Festival. She was engaged to this designer at one point but broke it off for the Prince.

The neat thing about the exhibit is there are the most amazing outfits that I can't find pics of anywhere on the internet. I look forward to finding the perfect coffee table book.

I didn't realize either that GK gave the Heremes "Kelly Bag" that popular name and notoriety it has today. Never had to advertise as a result.

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Mari Kjar said...

and her name alone i've always loved- grace kelly. that simple elegance. you're spot on. all her pictures are GORGEOUS. how tall was she? looks small...