Monday, July 26, 2010

London Mission...

The most special thing about living here is reliving (only in a small part) Andrew's mission 4 years ago. Have I blogged about this already? I think so... This last weekend though we were able to go to a mission reunion seeing some of the Elders that Andrew served with from Europe. Missionaries came from Germany and France too. It was amazing to meet the very people that Andrew has spoken so highly of and who has played such a key role in Andrew's life.

This is the Hyde Park Chapel we live close too and where the mission offices are located.


Sunday stroll through the park...

The wall mural in the church is absolutely amazing. It depicts the different stages of life. We're standing right where we are in life--in between marriage and fam. The title of description of each stage is beautiful. I wrote down the headings but don't have them with me right now to share.

Andrew's 2 mission presidents.

I was able to meet Sister French and Becky at the reunion as well. I don't think people get much better than this. So good to meet them at last!

The reunion was at the temple in S. London. Temple grounds always maculate.

I love to see the temple! Beautiful...

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ashley schmutz said...

that's one handsome mission president!!!!! haha. hope you guys had a blast! my parents wish they could have spent so much more time there!