Monday, July 26, 2010

William Shakespeare...

Stratford-upon-Avon was a really cute town. Although W.S. was born here and had a strong presence, I can't believe how much they live off his skirt tails. Everything is Shakespeare. Even street performers.

WS buried in the church. He paid his way into clergy to do so.

They started a 'Shakespeare archilogical dig' a couple months back. WS used to live on this land but an owner years down the road tore the house down because tourist were always hovering over his house. It's been beautiful gardens for the last while. They are now digging to see if they can find any WS memorbila. They have found one old wooden dice that 'WS proabably used' and are freaking about it.

Pubs, restaurants, and much more named after him.

Dressed like the 15th century I guess, signing and raising money.

WS cookies for sale.

Home where WS born and lived with Anne Hathaway when they were first married.

Her cottage was beautiful. She stayed in Stratford when WS was working and living in London.

So handsome! I've been doing most of my exploring solo because Drew is busy working. This was a fun Saturday because he could come with. xo


Kellee Marie Cook said...

I should have told you to stop at the creaky cauldron in stratford. It has a little harry potter museum upstairs that I loved. Andrew would've liked it. ;)

Anonymous said...

stumbbled on your site. Your travels bought back hubby and I's traispsings thru England and Scitland bacn in the 1975-6, as a young married couple. We took a wonderful pix sitting on the bench in the Hathaway garden. S-U-A was one our favorite places. We bought our China and stemware in Oxford. Have fun!

dee said...

the aforementioned post was from Denise Grayson!Not anonymous