Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our time is up...

It's been so much fun!


Serpentine Gallery....

When Andrew and I first got to London we saw this being built in Hyde Park. We weren't sure what it was. Later we were going for a jog and we saw flashes in the distance going off like crazy. I guess it was an annual event where the paparazzi go mad as the guests are dropped off. Again, I didn't know hardly any of the designers. It was fun to see what everyone was wearing though. It was quite the event. I had no idea what it was though until reading up a bit. After doing some research I realized that this amazing lady looking amazing was actually attending this event in 1994 after her split with Charles. A different venue is built every year I guess and open to the public for the rest of the summer.


I had been wanting to stop in but never actually did so until eating a picnic with the Pace's one afternoon. It was so neat to be inside. Not only was everything red, but it reflected red making people and things with a red tint too. It kind of played games you.

Spending time with the Pace's and soaking up their goodness was a summer highlight for sure.

Although it reflected us you could still see through to the other side.

Old school SMEG refrigerators. I'd love one.

Red raspberries on red.

Classic Hyde Park...

Hyde Park will forever have a special place in my heart. I've done a lot of thinking, reading, exercising, and napping here. It's neat to walk around and observe the families and friends out. Despite the rain, picnic goers can't be bothered.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Hanging Signs...

I'm fascinated with the Pub and store signs that I've seen around London. I've seen some really neat ones. I only decided to start taking pics of them about a week ago so I've missed out on some good ones. I want to say we don't have this in the states but maybe I've just missed it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Harrod's whoopie...

Step aside cupcakes...

These are amazing!
The two layers of cookie-like-dough sandwiched with cream in between and a glaze over top--need I say more?
The chocolate whoopie is my personal favorite. I haven't actually tried any others. They are quick to go. By the afternoon, sometimes they are gone and you are left to have another such a lemon.

It's still there...

When I heard that Harrods was sold a few months ago, the first thing I wonered was whether or not the shrine to her and Dodi Fayed would remain. I remember seeing it years ago with my mum. What a silly thing to begin with. Dodi's father has put this in Harrods for people to pay tribute. He has THE ring there if you look close enough that Dodi was apparently going to purpose with the night they died. I'm not sure if I buy into that. It's a grand ring to look at though anyways.

I questioned whether or not the new owner would keep the memorial in place. Now I'm wondering if that hunk of a ring was a packaged deal. I guess if you buy Harrods for 1.5 billion pounds, those type of things are included.

The first time I went to Harrods I couldn't find it anywhere. I saw a signing book instead that I though was put in place of this. But later walked up on it when family was visiting. So I was once mistake, it is still here. Go see the ring for yourself. Tacky, wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt Premiere...

Salt was released here a week ago. I stopped by Leichster Square to see what the red carpet was about. People had been camping out for over 24 hours. I got there 2 hours before the red carpet began and people were sitting and lounging around naturally. There were a lot of gaps in between the people though so I just walked right up to the second row. That didn't go over well with the campers, but I showed them there was plenty of space. The red carpet began at 6:00 and I had plans with Andrew at 7:15. Angelina showed up fashionably late around 6:30 and took her precious time signing autographs and taking pictures. It was really amazing to see actually. She went down the barricade of fans and signed all autographs in her reach.

I was there to get a picture. Everyone around me had clipboards with professional pics on there of her. They were crazy fanatics and some just collect memorabilia. They were all talking before about the different things they have. They couldn't believe I had nothing to sign. Someone asked why I was there? I did have a book though and a pen. I was just going to get that signed. Right before she got to us though, she was pulled away to do an interview. Everyone around me freaked. She looked at us and said, I'll be right back. I had to go though. I had someone give me the update later though that she came back 15 minutes later. And I didn't even get a good pic of her. When she arrived, people compacted in so tight I couldn't even lift a camera. It was crazy. Quite the experience really.

Did I mention she is so crazy skinny it is scary. It's one thing for the legs not to touch but when the arms don't touch the sides it's another. I couldn't believe how tinny.


All I could get was on the big screen when she was farther away. When she was close there was no hope.

Rebecca Adlington, olympic swimmer
Joe McElderry, I have no idea why they were freaking out about him
I'm really out of the loop. I only recognized Angelina. And no, she didn't bring the fam.

Monday, August 23, 2010

We spent the week with Queen Elizabeth...


Harrod's man

Friday was the 70th anniversary of one of Winston Churchill's famous speeches. Outside the war rooms, Lady Soames, his daughter, spoke and his speech was reread.

Portobello Market

Not cupcakes, it's candy cakes.

If we are what we eat, we're in trouble. Crepes galore--