Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's still there...

When I heard that Harrods was sold a few months ago, the first thing I wonered was whether or not the shrine to her and Dodi Fayed would remain. I remember seeing it years ago with my mum. What a silly thing to begin with. Dodi's father has put this in Harrods for people to pay tribute. He has THE ring there if you look close enough that Dodi was apparently going to purpose with the night they died. I'm not sure if I buy into that. It's a grand ring to look at though anyways.

I questioned whether or not the new owner would keep the memorial in place. Now I'm wondering if that hunk of a ring was a packaged deal. I guess if you buy Harrods for 1.5 billion pounds, those type of things are included.

The first time I went to Harrods I couldn't find it anywhere. I saw a signing book instead that I though was put in place of this. But later walked up on it when family was visiting. So I was once mistake, it is still here. Go see the ring for yourself. Tacky, wouldn't you agree?

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