Monday, August 2, 2010

Oxford University...

It's been a month since I visited Oxford and have forgotten so much about the different colleges. It was so fascinating at the time. The structure of the school is really interesting. Applicants apply to a specific college and then gets educated strictly through that college. The student takes a final exam from Oxford University to get their diploma. Each college has it's reputation for who had graduated there or what type of student they accept--some more prestigious than others. I took a walking tour where the guide was amazing. He had bits and pieces for almost every college that was fascinating at the time, but can't pull it together in my mind. Like the college where Bill Clinton didn't inhale. And where Margaret Thatcher came in and shook up the no girls allowed thing.

I got some pics at the top of a tower, I assume a church tower but again, can't remember. It was neat to look into some of the colleges to their courtyards that are off limits. Some are accessible actually.

Each college has its own life. Here is an eating hall or a particular college. I thought it was neat that genuis tutors are assigned to each student to see too it that they pass. The tutors though are like an intense teacher where they give them long summer reading lists and so forth.

I hope no one that really knows about Oxford reads this because I probably sound like a typical tourist.

The inside of a college--wish I could remember which one. It was special at the time.

Like the Venice bridge, forget the name.

Next time someone asks you what Oxford was named after, you will know. Oxen Fjord = Oxford! I was confused by the big oxen station myself when I got off the train.

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