Wednesday, August 11, 2010

London Triathlon...

This past weekend IMG hosted the biggest triathlon in the world apparently. I think there were 13,000 competitors total. On Saturday, it was a team event. Long story short, Andrew replaced someone who was sick and did the running leg of the race. I get confused on the correlation for all the rest but I guess GE and Gatorade are big clients of IMG. Both were big sponsors for the event as well as the upcoming Olympics. I think most of Andrew's work this summer has been projects for the two. Anyways, to explain all the GE apparel...

This is Andrew's team crossing the finish line. His group meets up the last 100 yards and run across together.


Andrew ran on 5 hours of sleep. I don't think he got home before 10 once this week meeting a deadline for Gatorade with the Olympics I think. Had to get a pic to remember.

Andrew's boss and team member.

The swimming portion was in the Thames River across from a beautiful old mill. Because there were so many people competing, they did it in waves of people. The bikes were stored in a huge expo center. I've never seen so bikes before in my life. That is where the finish line was too which was great incase it rained, you could watch the transitions and finish line inside.

Sunday was the elite competitors, those that have the world rankings and so forth that do the race solo. This is Marc and Helen Jenkins who are GE sponsored. She actually won the following day. We saw her perform two weeks ago as well in the Hyde Park triathlon. Helen competed in the 2008 Olympics and Marc competed in 2004. He has an amazing story where his bike broke and was unfixable so he propped it on his shoulder and ran the rest of the way to not quit and finish. He had been doing really well up to that point. He has had some injuries since but we hope to see him in the upcoming Olympics too. Andrew has loved his work this summer, but no doubt his happiest days have been working a little off site with these two. I was happy to meet them at last. Agrees with Drew, they must be the two nicest people ever. I guess Marc is Helen's coach too. They train together and are married. How cute in that?

I've decided they have to be the most fit couple in the world. Your looking at them. See more here.

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