Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Brighton is less than an hour away on the train directly south from London. It's the greatest little beach town with a quaint town feel too. The old Regency styled homes with the curved windows were neat to see. I wanted to spend the full day at the beach but the city area was too great.

From the pier...

Brighton is full of these old narrow lanes that you walk through to see the different shops and so forth. Some lead to open squares as well.

I didn't realize it was going to be a rocky beach. Had someone told me I would have previously been down on it I'm sure. It was amazing though. They were so warm to lay on. Rain or shine, I had decided to go. The sun was out strong thankfully.

You can see the pier in the distance. It was the most happening pier I've ever been on--casino and amusement with candy everywhere.

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neil and jes said...

so great! i've still never been. after tomorrow i'll have way too much time on my hands. so we should go explore together :)