Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt Premiere...

Salt was released here a week ago. I stopped by Leichster Square to see what the red carpet was about. People had been camping out for over 24 hours. I got there 2 hours before the red carpet began and people were sitting and lounging around naturally. There were a lot of gaps in between the people though so I just walked right up to the second row. That didn't go over well with the campers, but I showed them there was plenty of space. The red carpet began at 6:00 and I had plans with Andrew at 7:15. Angelina showed up fashionably late around 6:30 and took her precious time signing autographs and taking pictures. It was really amazing to see actually. She went down the barricade of fans and signed all autographs in her reach.

I was there to get a picture. Everyone around me had clipboards with professional pics on there of her. They were crazy fanatics and some just collect memorabilia. They were all talking before about the different things they have. They couldn't believe I had nothing to sign. Someone asked why I was there? I did have a book though and a pen. I was just going to get that signed. Right before she got to us though, she was pulled away to do an interview. Everyone around me freaked. She looked at us and said, I'll be right back. I had to go though. I had someone give me the update later though that she came back 15 minutes later. And I didn't even get a good pic of her. When she arrived, people compacted in so tight I couldn't even lift a camera. It was crazy. Quite the experience really.

Did I mention she is so crazy skinny it is scary. It's one thing for the legs not to touch but when the arms don't touch the sides it's another. I couldn't believe how tinny.


All I could get was on the big screen when she was farther away. When she was close there was no hope.

Rebecca Adlington, olympic swimmer
Joe McElderry, I have no idea why they were freaking out about him
I'm really out of the loop. I only recognized Angelina. And no, she didn't bring the fam.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

I loved going to Leicester square for red carpet events!! I saw hugh grant super up close but didn't get a pic either.

Danielle said...

Sweet!!! I wish I was with you in teh crowd sounds like a blast. Also it's insane to see how much Andrews sister looks like him. Ver cute girl! Okay well I hope you'll be heading back to the states soon! Love ya girl!!!

Danielle said...

I didn't proof head my comment. Sorry it's so muffled....just in a bit of rush!