Saturday, August 28, 2010

Serpentine Gallery....

When Andrew and I first got to London we saw this being built in Hyde Park. We weren't sure what it was. Later we were going for a jog and we saw flashes in the distance going off like crazy. I guess it was an annual event where the paparazzi go mad as the guests are dropped off. Again, I didn't know hardly any of the designers. It was fun to see what everyone was wearing though. It was quite the event. I had no idea what it was though until reading up a bit. After doing some research I realized that this amazing lady looking amazing was actually attending this event in 1994 after her split with Charles. A different venue is built every year I guess and open to the public for the rest of the summer.


I had been wanting to stop in but never actually did so until eating a picnic with the Pace's one afternoon. It was so neat to be inside. Not only was everything red, but it reflected red making people and things with a red tint too. It kind of played games you.

Spending time with the Pace's and soaking up their goodness was a summer highlight for sure.

Although it reflected us you could still see through to the other side.

Old school SMEG refrigerators. I'd love one.

Red raspberries on red.

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