Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slow Shutter Photography...

Andrew worked some crazy late nights last week. I keep a busy day exploring but usually get home around 6 anticipating when Drew will get home. With a few nights of Andrew not getting home until mid-night where I was refreshing the button on my email to see any updates like 10 times to his one email, I realized I need to get a life.

I spent Friday night with Julie and her cute son Mason. I was tired when I got home but didn't want to go to sleep before Drew returned, so I had to stay busy. I decided to go take the classic London pics at night. I think I was motivated too after talking to Julie about her photography. She's really talented. I will go ahead and claim that I'm not at all, but I still really enjoy it.

I don't suggest the river banks at night--rodents.

Ghosts in my picture.

Andrew didn't get home until 1:30 trying to finish up a big project for Gatorade. I'm so proud of his hard work!

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Rachel Ricchio said...

you're actually pretty good mar! you're such a good wife for supporting him while he works super hard. i know he appreciates all you do also!