Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anthropolgie--back in the day...

Look how far we have come since 1999. I've been try to find older catalogs to trigger my earliest recollection of shopping here. Anthropolgie Addict has a great catalog list going back to 2004. I still have this orange skirt in a plastic protected back to keep the beads from snagging. It's 2005 though. Surely I can find something older than 5 years. I just can't seem to find the catalogs. It's neat to see catalogs from years back and remember loving some different things. Thank goodness they and we both evolve though.

I just found the 2002 catalog on ebay. I almost want to buy it.

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Heather and Taylor said...

Make sure you don't spend that 40 dollars! ;) xo