Friday, October 22, 2010

Alumni or ´Hasbeen´?

I went back to a girl´s basketball practice at BYU the other day--it´s been a few years. When I quit walked away, I really did walk away. 3 surgeries was enough and there wasn´t much looking back surprisingly so because it did consume my life (including holidays grrr!) since 5th grade.

I like to think I never had an identity crisis when I hung it up. Many teamates did. (Sorry yall!) In a matter of months, I walked away, graduated, and got married. I was extremely confidant in all 3 of these decissions. Heart felt prayer and contemplation helped me understand that was indeed the Lord´s will. Aligning mine with His isn´t always the easiest though. But oh so rewarding.

I was in denial about my knee and it´s capabilities with playing 100%. My pride made it tough to give up remaining years of elgibility. The last year is supposed to be a glory year. For all you aspiring athletes, I´m here to tell you it´s not. But that´s what makes sport´s competition so rewarding. It´s hard work. Character grows when a billigerant coach/trainor (not neccessairly at BYU) is yelling to do the impossible and somehow you just find a way to do it.

I´m going a different direction than intended. But I went to a practice the other day and so many emotions came flooding back. I heard some bball terminology I haven´t heard of or thought about in years. I had a flashback of seeing some teammate´s running some of the same formations too. I couldn´t stick around to watch the post-practicing running. That stuff makes me sick--probably because I´m so out of shape. It´s pathetic. Dare I get in the bod pod and compare my body fat?

But I´m glad things worked out the way they did. When I decided enough was enough and I went to talk academics with my advisor, she told me I could graduate. I had no idea. So when most people glory in their last final, I cried. I was expecting at least 2 more years of elgibility/school. I didn´t think I had near enough credits. Year-round bball/school will do that though.

It was good for me to get a real job. My adult trainining continued on with work. The crazy travel scheduale and customer service experience stretched me in different ways.

So here I am now, maddly in love, 2.5 years now going on eternity, with a gent not raised in the South--credits to his dear mom and dad. I´m the big 2-5 overwhelmed with how life has unfolded. I´m a positive person for the most part but don´t get me wrong, I´ve had my struggles. Bball was one big trail really--but rewarding.

So where am I now? I´m a stay at home mom wife. kidding! I´m actually a statistic, umemployed statistic. I´m going to hit the job hunt hard in a couple weeks. I´ve been holding out because me madre y yo are taking a mother-daughter bonding trip. I will most likely blog a little about it. I´m hesitant though because s.o.s (not Drewby) called my blog vain. *wink* Those aren´t my intentions.´

(I wish I had a pic of myself Freshman yr playing where I was at least 35 lbs heavier. I think it´s time to start lifting weights again.)


Kellee Marie Cook said...

what a great post!! wish I could've been around to see you play. But love reading about your college life. You're amazing and for the record I love your blog. I look forward to your new posts so don't ever stop. :)

Danielle said...

This makes me think of our conversation when you came to visit about your basketball days. I wish I would have known you when you pushed one of sweat pant legs up! P.S. You are the nicest most generous person I know so write about whatever the heck you want.

Rachel Ricchio said...

uhhh vain? yeah right! i loooovvveeee your posts. hence why im always stalking you :)

Dayna said...

Loved this post. You really are incredible for taking a difficult trial and turning it into a growing/learning experience.

I'm dying to know where you and your mom are going! Please do tell!!! And you better post about it. Any way you'll be near.... Denmark? :)

Heather and Taylor said...

You are such a wonderful writer! Hurry up and come home..I miss our late night chats. co

Rebecca & Taber said...

I loved reading your post. This past week I watch a BYU women's soccer game and I thought about how I could have chosen to go that route, but I didn't. I ended my soccer career when I graduated from High School. It is amazing though what emotions come back to you just from smells, sights, and breezes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.