Monday, October 25, 2010

Cork Trees...

Apparently, 60% of the world´s cork product comes from the cork trees in Portugal. They are beautiful trees that are stripped every 9 years. When they are freshly stripped, they have a red truck. Every trunk has a number depecting the year they were last stripped. Cork trees are everywhere in between cities.


There is cork everything in the local stores. This adoreable man is carving crafts out of pork. I loved the nativity set. That would make a great colectors item. I was very interested. He proceeded to give me an elaborate explanation of what it was he was doing. All in Portuguese. I just nodded. Didn´t have a clue what he said.

I saw cork boots, umbrellas, aprons, purses, postcards. You name it, they make it. In a couple hours time, it really grew on me.


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