Friday, November 26, 2010

Feast & Family...

Last night as we were getting ready for bed when Andrew referred to the day as an All-American Thanksgiving. I was happy to hear and agreed, but his explanation made it a bit more clear.

- 8am tee time for a round of golf for the guys
- watched Football
- rode horses for a couple hours with fam gathered at barn
- had quite the feast
- sat around as a family and said what we were grateful for
- 3 on 3 driveway bball for boys (the best kind of bball) & girls went on a long walk
- ping pong tourney (poster board bracket including everyone in the fam)
- late night movie

~All-American day agreed~


AMedile said...

beautiful family! sounds like a perfect day!

Heather and Taylor said...

I love these pictures!

Danielle said...

Hey I talked to AC design team lindsey last night. AC is having a warehouse sale. I will be home the 9th... Lets go! I will give you a ring. I looks like your Thanksgiving went well. It's always nice to be with family.