Monday, November 1, 2010


Gibraltar is like the Monaco of France--not in terms of luxury but because it´s a different country within the country really. It´s located at the sourthern tip of Spain and is extremely tiny in terms of its land mass. It´s a go and see and get out type of place for many. But I could have spent all day there.

We had to show our passports to get in to this British town/country. Although they drove on what we know as the familiar side of the road, they had the red souble decker bus and the red phone booths. Their road signs were in English which was a refreshing sight. And our driver spoke very good English, yet with a Spanish accent twist. I don´t think I mentioned earlier how little English the Spanish people know. In Portugal and Romania even, the people know better English. This is because their dictator didn´t let them learn for the most part so the older generation hardly knows it. Anyways..

Gibraltar was exciting for me because of the ape´s everywhere. Ape doesn´t have as good as a connotation as monkey but that is what they are called. They are everywhere and super apprachable. Mom forbidded me to touch them though so I didn´t. Although one hopped on my back. It scarred me so bad I jerked back so hard he went flying and so did my glasses over the cliff. He was fine though.


View from top of Gibraltar rock

Looks like he is in a cage but just behing the railing. The little guy is beting held down by the daddy while the mom picks at him giving him a cleanse.

These two were fighting for a bottle cap.

He won

Eating a peanut. Crazy how human like they really are.

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

laughing so hard to this post. haha. love the monkeys!! I would have totally pet one for sure! hilarious story about them jumping on your back!