Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plaza de Toros...


We barely missed the bull fighting season buy a couple weeks. I don't know why I'm so intrigued. Every Plaza de Toros is different in each town. I couldn't always go in but would love to take a taxi or walk to the nearest one. It is a dying tradition. The younger generation is not interested. Bull fighting has been done away with in Barcelona so I assume other areas will soon follow.

Bull ring in Rhonda. Oldest ring I believe. The cement walls won't be seen elsewhere because it causes the bulls horns to break off if they run into it. So then they have to call off the fight and bring in a new bull.

Fallen matadores statue in Madrid

Madrid has a huge Plaza

We walked up on the neatest eatery/bar in the Plaza Mayor in madrid. The entire wall is covered with pics of matadors getting gored. Some managed to win. The really small ones in the tiny intimate towns were my favorite though.

Don't look very closely is you have a weak stomach. I usually am not very good at this stuff. This matador obviously died and they have his outfit and memorabilia there in honor of him.

We only got rained on once. It might of been my favorite day too. I got to use the best umbrella ever. I couldn't bring it home though sad enough--no room.


Danielle said...

You look so pretty in these pictures. What the crap is around your legs in the bull picture....ha ha I love it. We have much to catch up on!

Mary Martha said...
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Rachel Ricchio said...

oh wow that's guys face is gonna need some plastic surgery. oh my. dear you look so spanish with that pretty flower in your hair!!!

Dayna said...

I got tempted and opened that picture larger. I started freaking out on the verge of puking. Steve of course loved it and even emailed it to his buddy that served a mission in Spain and loves everything that has to do with it (what is it about boys?).

You look GORGEOUS. I love that umbrella shot with the flower in your hair.

Its been so fun and interesting reading about your adventures. It makes me feel like I am somewhat there with you getting the special tour. Keep it up!