Thursday, November 18, 2010


(During moments like this, it helps to think of this concept.)
I owe you an apology prior to complaining a bit. I sometimes cringe at others complaints and negativity that they are so freely share. So I hope you don't experience the same. I think I've been pretty good about this mess. But it is certainly consuming my life, so worth addressing for sure.

I got home almost 2 weeks ago to a minor flood in our apartment from another water overflow from the lady living above us. A professional came out and cut big holes in the ceilings to find gushing water from buildup as well as a moldy area. We were displaced to a hotel last week naturally.

We returned from Louisiana last weekend with the mold all taken care of. The insulation has since been replaced and they sandpapered, primed, and sealed the mold area. Our apartment is practically turned upside down since the rug had to be pulled to get the padding out from underneath. I came home to find a 4 foot pile up on my bed of anything and everything that was either on a shelf or on the floor. I can't begin to put things back in order until the new rug has been set because everything will have to be moved out. Working with the lady's insurance and approval's is sllooowww moving. The rug still hasn't even been ordered. I'm hoping by mid-December our life is back in order.

Meanwhile, we're back in a hotel. The fumes of the mud for replacing the sheetrock and the door frames has fumigated us out of our habitat. I was told this is minor to the paint smells today.

All our doors within the apartment have been removed as well. Yesterday I had to walk over to the grocery just to use the restroom because all the workers in the apartment.

I'm just grateful to not be a homeowner. I feel bad about this because we've gotten to know her much better and have a lot of love for her now. She's even told us if the insurance won't pay for our hotel that she will. I hate it when I'm so quick to judge and complain at that.

One thing does still remain in the apartment though. The roses Drew had at the airport have stayed so pretty. I've never had any last so long. It's amazing what a set table and clean kitchen will do to one's sanity.



Brett and Kymee said...

Oh no your poor things!!! I had heard about the flooding again, but didn't realize it was so bad!! Let us know if you need anything!!

Danielle said...

Ahh man that just stinks. But mostly I loved the pattern on your plates. So cute! I admire your taste.

Just The Two of Us said...

Mary!!! You so need to talk to my mom! The whole time I was reading this I was screaming omg in my head. This has happened to my parents. 4 weeks ago they found toxic black mold in my parents town home. It was from their neighbors dishwasher that had been leaking into my parents house for 6 months. They are nosing living in a hotel and will prob be there for another two because the neighbors insurance company does not want to pay for it and my parents insurance company is denying it. So now they have had to hire a lawyer. It just stinks!

Lisa said...

It's actually been 7 weeks since we discovered it! I was very sick for 6 months!! There is 2 different kinds of toxic mold Stachybotrys & Aspergillus. We downsized into a town house thinking when the kids grew up we wanted to live a stress free life. Yeah right. Our insurance is saying..."not your fault"...her insurance "doesn't cover mold"...she is still under warranty..but the home owner's association is saying.."hey it's the Sears dishwasher still under warranty"...and Sears is saying..."It's Electrolux the manufacturer". Electrolux is "investigating it"...and that could take forever!! Meanwhile we have been in a hotel for a month..and not one thing has been done to the town house. (Our very nice townhouse I might add!)...We still have to keep up mortgage payments...and the hotel is $159 a night! We had to get a suite with a kitchenette and a bedroom for the boys...they are 18 & 14..they can't see me change...and especially when we moved in I was so very sick...they couldn't see me like that. It's a living nightmare!!