Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spanish Doors...


The old Spanish doors were fascinating. Many date back to the 14th and 15th century. If you look close enough, it's one big door to swing in where carriages could pull in and then there are smaller doors for people as well.

This door above is especially neat. We were in Spain a good bit and hardly heard a thing about the Spanish Inquisition. Makes sense. We're not quick to talk about how harshly we treated the Indians. Nor does our generation feel personally responsible. But we got to know a lady in Toledo who was extremely knowledgeable and open. She marked our maps to come and see the door above. It's not open to the public so this is the best view we got. But this was the main prison and torture chamber during the 15th century. It's right next to the huge Cathedral.

If you click on the 4th door you will see some intricate symbols above. One wishing in fertility to the home.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. Thinking about you and wanting to wish you and Andrew a very happy Thanksgiving. Ann F.

Silly Lily said...

Girl, the quote on my blog is from a movie!!!
And no... he doesn't read it.