Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas in Utah--Brian Regan...

I was a little bummed the other day thinking how we'd have no Christmas party to go to for work and we'd miss the annual parties in Monroe as well.
I just loved the Christmas parties at American Crafts. It was special to see everyone dressed up a bit more and to rondevu with those working in different departments that I was emailing often but never really saw. The owners would host a big game of Deal or No Deal with some generous cash prizes too.

So when some dear friends invited us to their Nu Skin work party, we were delighted. Some party too. No wonder they were voted the best company in Utah to work for. They went above and beyond for their 1,200 office employees. Every employee could invite another couple for a Brian Regan show. He gave comedy for an hour for a quarter of a million bucks. Can you imagine someone getting paid that much in one night and actually being that funny? Well he was hilarious. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing for so long.

Nu Skin proceeded to give away incredible door-prizes to their employees on top of a $500 Costco gift-card and 2 weeks pay to their next check. Merry Christmas! Great things happen when you triple your stock and beat projections. Great time to work or be invested in Nu Skin.

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