Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas in Utah--Riverwoods....


I'm starting to really appreciate Utah at Christmas time. I used to resent it because I only could go home a few days with bball. It's so family friendly though and there really is a lot going on which adds to the season.

Riverwoods has made some drastic changes in the last 6 months and is quite festive for the season. They were giving free carriage rides with huge Clydesdales. It is pedestrian friendly now with great benches and fire pits to stay warm. And they have the greatest toy shop with a candy wall that my husband just loves. The Christmas decorations are out with full force and Santa is making an appearance is his charming little house. Go see for yourself.

Taylor holding Andrew

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Meggera said...

How do you know Taylor and Heather?!?!.... What a small world! By the way, looks like loads of fun!