Friday, December 31, 2010


To great memories with friends in Mexico that I will forever cherish

To a lovely wedding in Canada where I got a new sister

To a unique culture experience in Romania who was still feels the effects of communism.

To eye opening experiences in Bulgaria that I previously knew nothing about

To the people in Serbia who you’d think they’d all won the lottery when they won a world cup soccer game

To what must be the most under-rated city ever, Budapest, Hungary

To the Passion Play in Germany

To a fulfilling internship in England

To some serious mother-daughter bonding in Portugal

To the El Greco art in Spain

To the monkeys that dominate Gibaltar

To 2010


Going down the Danube River as we went through the Iron Gate.


Martha said...

Glad I made the Cheers List! I will always remember our special trip together and you searching out all the El Greco's for me around Spain. (Always trust the GPS) Love you and your Cheerful self!!!

Nammie said...

I have to agree on Budapest . . . rich in history and very exotic!! Sue & I have been on the Danube. We'll have to compare notes sometime. Happy New Year to you guys!!


Leighton said...

I wonder who took this fantastic photo of you two on the danube!