Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in Conneticut...


Couldn't be happier to be spending the holidays with Andrew' family. I love them like my own. I've actually been here a little over a week now. Andrew's sister had her baby a bit early so I've enjoyed special time with her two girls.

Needless to say there will soon be 19 of us under one roof. So this is my theme for the holidays. I might just have to order this poster. It's perfect for many settings.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

This is just like thhe necklace i gave your mom!!! It's a sea turtle necklace and each charm comes with a theme/message and the turtle means go with the flow. Great minds think alike!! Hope you are having fun and baby is doing ok.

Danielle said...

ha ha....sounds like a fun Christmas!!!!