Saturday, February 27, 2010

The City Museum in St. Louis...

I was in St. Louis for work this past week and was reminded of the amazing museum there that I enjoyed a couple months ago. I'm not a big museum goer for starters, but this one was interesting and full of wonders.

Most everything here is recycled. It is neat to walk around, look, and sometimes ask what something once was. Like the ice sickles hanging when we first walked in, was fiber glass off an old air plane wing. The architecture is amazing. A lot of older structures or machines from St. Louis are salvaged and used here--like the darling little train cars and train tracks. This is an extremely interactive museum too to play be creative and have a hands on experience.

I just loved 'Art City', with the huge chalk board and the long table with dried clumps of paint all over. There was pottery making too.
My niece, Molly, in Toddler Town.
This is the shoelace factory where they are using machines from the late 1800's. You can even request colors and designs for them to make for you.

This lady could make all sorts of snow flakes with various designs. With a few cuts on where she had outlined, the kids would make the neatest snow flake.

Local kids can take circus lessons in preparation for the presentation they do.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Made With Love...

My adorable cousin, Madeline Mary, made the most beautiful rainbow book. We like to call this creative and colorful girl, Missy. I adored this special rainbow book surprise that came via the mail. It tells a beautiful story of riding the rainbow.


I had a couple customers here recently make something nice for me as well. The following "To Do" List booklets are awesome. They are a perfect size for carrying around in my purse. Terri from Oklahoma made them by sawing the long notes pads vertically in thirds. And then backed them on some cardstock from there.
Ann from St. Louis made me the most adoreable 8x8 scrapbook. . She recently came to Utah for an event our company was hosting. We've gotten to be really good friends--we visited temple square, rode horses, and much more. This little scrapbook was so thoughtful.

This was when Ann came to visit me at work and see my office.

The pics of the left is shoot from the loft of our cabin looking out to the hay barn.

Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY Jewelry project

I don't usually take to DIY projects. But I really wanted to do this one with my husband. It involved wood cutting that he would enjoy. I've been wanting to display Doloris Petunia's beautiful necklace. It ended up being a far more timely process than expected. Thank goodness my uncle Eric has the skills and tools to get the precise and intricate cut required. I loved seeing him and my husabnd at work. My cousin, Gabriel, was a flawless painter.


The Design Sponge display that motivated me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras & Oilily

It's that time of year again... My friends back home are out of school for 'Mardi Gras break' eating king cakes, riding floats, and enjoying Fat Tuesday festivities. I on the other hand, acknowledge the day through my thematic dress--purple, yellow, and green.


Let me tell you about my 'Mardi Gras skirt'...

I was devastated when I heard that Oilily was going out of business. I have been crazy about this brand since I was in high school. For years, I have day dreamed for the day I could dress my little girl in these colorful fabrics--and match my girl too in dress.

One summer, the bball team at BYU went to Europe to play some games in the off season. Amsterdam was one of the places we went. This is where Oilily's fabrics originate from. I made it a priority to go. I will never forget that experience. I love Oilily. It was always a rare treat to visit an Oilily--located in bigger cities.

So when I went to the Oilily in CA recently while I was working, I couldn't believe they were really closing. But I walked away with some steals of a deal. This embroidered jean skirt was originally $280 and I got it from $19.99. And the Summer Rose fragrance (with the beautiful box might I add) was marked down to $9.99.

As much as I love this skirt, it doesn't represent the colorful florals and vibrancy Oilily is so famous for.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Conversation Mittens

There is some serious hype over the Vancouver Olympic mittens. Read more about it here. I love official Olympic wear.
I have to say that I'm love my Old Navy xo's. (Don't have the Hi/Bye's but included the pic).
Andrew and I made a pallet in front of the TV and watched all 4 hours (pre show to post) of the opening ceremonies. I loved viewing the enthusiasm from each country as they came out of the chute--and loved seeing what they decided to wear. My favorites included the Azerbaijan pants (colorful without shame), Estonia (their name written down the arm), Germany (my personal fav), Monaco (argyle is a perfect fit for that little royal country), and New Zealand (All Blacks apparel).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Frederique Morrel, Tapestry & Needlework


I fell in love with the most beautiful needlework ottoman a couple years ago when I was visiting a CA anthro. To my great happiness and surprise, it was still there a few weeks ago when I was there for work. I had completly forgotten about it until I saw it. And it was 50% off. I asked the manager about it; all she could tell me was that it was from France and no two pieces are alike. I knew it was special and I am so glad I got it. I got a great deal considering. After doing some research, I found out a bit more...

Frédérique takes vintage tapestry pieces and pieces them together to make the most beautiful furniture and other home accessory designs. The size I ended up with and love the most is the Pouf. It is a great practical size of an ottoman but has a squish to it (a sturdy bing bag).

No two pieces are a like. The tapestry work is found far a wide in the most remote places even, preserved and applied to the decor. They try to peice themes together. *I love the theme of my recent find.*

I didn't even know the designer when I went to research. Once I figured it out, I had a great time exploring the different themes of the various needlework. I love needlework so much. I wonder what provoked the love becuase it always catches my eye and makes me look further.

Here are a few of the other Pouf's I found online. Enjoy!

Pardon the ruggad photography, but this was my recent buy that I will keep nice forever.

At that age, my hair was that short and that blonde with the messy bangs.

I proped it up on my couch for the pic but it looks great right next to it I just don't want you to see our nasty green rug. ha!

The bottom is a Pelican--the Louisiana bird.
Duck hunting dogs. Reminds me of my Poppa's dogs.

Love the floral top...

with an English hunting feel
horses--enough said

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who dat...

How about them Saints?

I think this is the most homesick I've been since I left home 5 years ago. As I hear about friends celebrating and my mom going down to the Tues. parade--I just want to be there.

Mom took these at the parade. She couldn't get over Brees standing in the crown and so personally getting off the float to walk around and shake hands.

Breana took the best pictures too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#9. Pearl Harbor (top HI memories)

I was extremely humbled as I visited Pearl Harbor, a sacred site. I was intrigued as I read about the heroic lives that stand as an essential part of US history. I walked about truly touched with a greater understanding of what happened on 12/7/1941. I come from a family of some serious history buffs, and usually I'm the odd ball out (mostly civil war sites). Although I didn't fully appreciate this experience years ago, I will forever be grateful for the distinct feelings I had here recently.


There was a survivor of Pear Harbor there walking around. I was pleased to meet him and shake his hand. I don't imagine there are too many left considering this attack happened 69 yeas ago.

I wanted to read survivors stories after being here. I walked away with this book that I strongly recommend if this interests you.

(sister Helen above)

My Poppa, Nelson Abell, was a submarine officer in WWII. It was neat to walk though the submarine catching a glimpse of what it was like to be in his footsteps.