Saturday, May 29, 2010

Black Bayou...


Blue Heron

Consider the lilies~ Love the flower poking out

Spanish Moss

It was so fun to be with Dad and Drew. Dad was weaving in and out of the Cypress tree trying to find an alligator.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ULM Stadiums...

I haven't had a chance to work out in about 10 days. When I got home I had worn my self out prior and was really sick. This was a big disappointment because working out is one of my favorite things to do when I get home. The gym here is amazing and I always feel like I'm in shape when I run simply because we have no altitude.

Yesterday I woke up feeling up to par so I wanted to challenge myself to a workout I was very familiar with in my day--stadiums. Hands down the best quick kick-butt work out there is. Since moving from here, I've been on the lookout for a similar situation. As great as our stadium is at BYU, doesn't compare. It's not old school enough. Let me explain...

This is the local college's football stadium. It used to be a beast to get in there early Saturday mornings. They would fence it off so I could keep a chair in the car to hop it or do the risky climb. I've noticed the past couple years though that they leave the fence open welcoming the challenge. This isn't my little secret by the way. Many groups here locally get after it.


So why is this not like an other stadium workout? Well after a good warmup hike on the switchback ramp, you get to the top tier stadium that is very steep with over 100 steps. I was taught to walk one full leg of stairs and then run the next and so forth. The walk is every other step which is equivalent to a perfect lunge. That is where I'm disappointed in the BYU stadium. The every other step is too far apart and the individuals aren't steep enough. But here, the every other step walk is hardest for me. My legs are shot by the time I'm too the top. Then after a careful walk down catching your breath, you immediately turn around to run every step of the next. That kills the wind. By the end of the workout, I've hit the muscle and the wind.

I haven't run these stadiums since my bball days. I was anxious to see where I stood in relation to how in shape I was then. 15 stadiums (8 walk and 7 run) was the goal and the max. I was hoping to get at least 10 this time. At 6 my vision started caving in and I thought I wouldn't be able to make the treck down so I caved. I've always feared passing out up there and not being found for a while.

I got carried away with the description. You're a gem is you cared to keep reading!

This is the view from the top. This is for sure one of my happy places here at home. It's very quite and peaceful and triggers great refection.

And the view from stair #1. I'm determined to run at least 10 again one day.

Did I mention after yesterdays 6 that I can hardly walk today. I can hardly walk down our stairs. Sad!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home is lots of golf...

Andrew wasn't formally introduced to the south until now. Golfing in mid-90-degrees heat with yummy hummidity will own you. It's great to see my dad and husband play together.


Home is flowers...

When coming home, I anticipate being in my favorite quite spot. It has some different color since last June as you see here. Simple but stunning to me.


To no surprised, welcomed by a new cat. The Hydranga are so beautiful. We don't have any white ones in our yard, but they are beautiful too. I love the colorful ones.

Mom, the yard looks beautiful. Wish you were here!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Home Louisiana

Andrew and I are in Monroe visiting my hometown. Oh how sweet it is to be home. It's a healthy change of pace from an extremely busy lifestyle we've been living. I'm reminded that being home isn't so much about what you do, but more about who you see and get a chance to visit with about life and what's happened since the last time we were together. I love that.

Andrew walked in the door yesterday after running an errand and said, "You know what's so different about the South? Everyone drives so much slower. They don't seem to be in a hury." I appreciate his different observations especailly since he is from the Northeast. I don't prefer one difference over the other, yet I love being home soaking up the ways of the South. I respect them a lot more now that I have been living out west for 6 years.

Being home with my husband is so special. We've gone on long walks with the dog just as my parents do. Yesterday we had lunch with my Mommee and dinner with her at the club. I can't get enough of her. I just sat back and watched Andrew hit golf balls today. I saw some freinds I haven't seen in years. It's so much fun to introduce my husaband. And then just watch and enjoy the humidity as Andrew hits away. We turned on the lights last night for some good drive way basketball. Simple but special enjoying these things with my lover. It's like our courtship goes back in time a bit and extends back in my childhood as we do the very things I grew up doing so often.

I love coming home and feeling like not much has changed. I get a chance to step back in time a bit myself. Coming home is really special. I love the people. Andrew brings a great appreciation to home too because he recognizes the differences. When we stepped off the plane, he immediatly recognized the warm nights that he loves so much.


Dad had some Magnolia freshly cut for when we got home.

He also caught a turtle as a pleasant surprise too. I had pet turtles for most of the time living at home. For birthday parties, I would have 'turtle hunts' on the bayou.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Marriage means family...

Classic family photo


beautiful couple & a beautiful dress

& a beautiful suit

& a beautiful little family

& a beautiful rose

& a beautiful cake

The hydrangea were to die for. They had a tinting and speckle to them. I think someone said they were vintage hydrangea. beautiful!

& a beautiful entry way

& beautiful sister-in-laws

Yet another couple shot.

& we love to see a beautiful temple

comfy diner in the house

Uncle Nate took this through a window pane. I love this shot. They have the best father/son relationship.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Greenbrier...


Does anyone else follow the deal for getaways? I enjoy seeing what pops up. Maybe when I don’t have an office job I won’t take the time to look at it. But it’s been fun to see all the beautiful places all over the world. A Memorial Day weekend sale was very familiar...

My Mommee and Poppa took our family to the Greenbrier when we were younger. Later when my Grandpa passed away, we went back with my Mommee. It is such a beautiful place located in West Virginia. You can now tour the Cold War Bunker that is located underground beneath the resort. It was intended to house some of the US government in case of a nuclear attack but was disclosed by a spy who figured it out. It was later released to the public to tour. It is amazing how such a small entrance way leads it to such an amazing world underground. I couldn’t believe it. The location makes sense though, below a huge resort but out in the middle of nowhere (at least it seemed to me).

The Greenbrier looks like the White House on the outside with beautiful American flags flying out front. The décor though of the rooms is what I remember and loved the most. Every room is different with colorful and most often floral wallpaper-- its Gilded Age décor. Tea Time with ligh piano playing in the background is one of my favourite things. There are so many activies and recreation on the property.

The main building has a series of huge ball rooms, one leading to the next. My family would choose a different room every night to do a family night spiritual thought in. But each room is a different colour with a completely different feel. The staff is so gracious and hospitable. There is an unlimited supply of berries and fresh fruit in one of the breakfast rooms. Explore the different rooms here.

Not this pink room but the minty green one you see is where we took our family pic both times we were there. Same place, same backdrop but we were about 10 years older.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving on from American Crafts...

The rainy day fits my mood just perfectly. I’m not one to get sad and down in the dumps. But today that’s kind of how I feel. Tomorrow is my last day at American Crafts. It’s a bitter sweet transition. I’m always up for a new adventure and new beginnings, but I’ve loved my job and have given it so much this last year and 7 months.

I love my customers, my boss, the industry, and the people I work with. The traveling aspect of my job is the one part I won’t miss. It is probably the factor that drove me to this decision really. My husband and I will be away this summer. I appreciate the offer extended to return in September, but I think this is a chapter closed.

I thrive with purpose, routine, and a schedule. Throughout high school I had early morning seminary at 6:15. Then in college, I had early morning workouts for b-ball. I had one semester left once I was done with b-ball and I took a 7:00AM class. Shortly after, I got married I interned in NYC where I was commuting an hour so I was taking the early train. And then this lovely job… I don’t see myself looking back. I never did once I walked away from b-ball. Although I miss competing and day dream often about the ‘glory days’ of b-ball, which I won’t define which era that was, there isn’t must looking back. I embrace the new. Every season of my life has been special and means so much to me.

This work experience taught me so much. I look forward to many more.


Another pic my brother took. I love it and thought it was fitting as I am moving on.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Church Signs Across America...

I was walking though Urban Outfitters the other day trying to find a friend when I briefly saw this book lying on the table. I didn't have a chance to look through it, but I kept thinking about it days later. I always am so fascinated with the church signs I would see back home. Whether I was in my home town or on a road trip for a b-ball game, there were so many different signs outside the various churches that were so funny to me. You just don't see them out here in Utah, partly because you don't have the diverse churches like we do back home in the ''bible belt.'

When I went back to Urban to find this book, I couldn't find it. So I ordered one off amazon. Before it came in I told Andrew that I'm sure Louisiana has a presence in the book and I wouldn't be surprised if my hometown Monroe even had one. What do you know, we had a presence for a funny church sign.

This has replaced my Chanel picture book as my new coffee table book. Come see!

I don't know where this sign was located, but you get the silly idea.