Saturday, July 31, 2010

A cute pic...

& a cute couple.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grace Kelly...

Yesterday I visited the V&A Grace Kelly exhibit. I remember reading online months ago that there was an exhibit in London for her before we knew we'd be here for the summer. I'm inspired by her class and grace. As bad as this sounds, if I could look and dress like anyone in the world, it would be her. I'm in love with her beauty, elegance, and innocence that she portrays. The way she carries herself is mesmerizing. I haven't seen a trashy photo of her yet. Her gowns and dresses were modest and often very simple. She wore her hair in a variety of up-do's a lot of the time--with a hat too sometimes. Even when her hair was down, she had it tucked behind her ears to see her beautiful smile. If that isn't the most beautiful thing about her, her style is stunning. I was reminded by someone close to me that when you are apart of royalty you have that advantage and means to do so. But she had something more than royalty and all its means on her side. As she transitioned from Hollywood to Royalty, she could of gone about it so much different. There could have been far more jewels and sequins flashy and bright, but she was much more understated than that.


Grace Kelly had two wedding ceremonies--a civil and a religious. This is her wedding dress for the religious one on April 19th, 1956 . All 3,000 people in Monaco were invited. I'm partial to the lace and long sleeves myself. I was sad that her dress wasn't at the exhibit. I guess it is too delicate to travel.

This was her suit for the civil ceremony. This one was at the exhibit. These pics don't do it justice really. So amazing! It's lace over silk tafeda made by Helen Rose who made a lot of her great things.

This is what GK wore to meet Prince Rainier for the first time. The electrical workers of France went on strike the night before and her clothes were wrinkled so she just put this dress on which was the only one that didn't need ironing. She couldn't style her hair either without electricity so she pulled it back and put some artificial flowers in her hair. This was at the Cannes Film Festival, 1955.

Display at the exhibit. I took a few before I saw the no photography sign. opps!

This is what she was wearing when she announced her engagement at her parents Philly house. This is my other favorite to the civil suit. Love the red lipstick too!

She wore this after the ceremony at a wedding party. It's great to read about each dress and where to she wore. I kind of lived it for a moment. Maggy Rouff made this silk satin chiffon dress. Yes, I wrote down the designers of my favorite dresses to do some more research.

The other one I saw and was a top 3 for sure was the third one to the right. I can't find much info on it. Oleg Cassini designed it for the 1954 Cannes Film Festival. She was engaged to this designer at one point but broke it off for the Prince.

The neat thing about the exhibit is there are the most amazing outfits that I can't find pics of anywhere on the internet. I look forward to finding the perfect coffee table book.

I didn't realize either that GK gave the Heremes "Kelly Bag" that popular name and notoriety it has today. Never had to advertise as a result.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Greenwich Prime Meridian...

I took an inexpensive ferry ride down the Thames to Greenwich yesterday. It is a great little area that is beautifully located on the river. It has a bit of a Russian feel with the dome like structures spaced to the side of the Queen's house not obstructing her view. The Greenwich park that backs up behind the house and Maritime Museum is a beautiful area. Because London hasn't received much rain this summer, it is all yellow. Yesterday marked the 2 year countdown until the Olympics actually. I thought it was appropriate that I was here for the day because this is where the equestrian events will be taking place. As is a lot of London, Greenwich is undergoing some serious construction in preparation for the Olympics.

This was the Royal Observatory, now a museum where you can find more telescopes and clocks than you would know what to do with.

I remember hearing Greenwich is one of the areas where the prime meridian at 0 degrees. Had to stratal the line and with one foot in the E and one foot in the W. Classic shot right? Along the line marked different cities that pass through the line as well. I guess at night a red laser beams through the air showing it lit up at night.

There are 4 footpaths I think the river boat guy commentator said that pass under the Thames River. One of them is in Greenwich where you see the dome below. It was a bit creepy I must say. I walked many steps down the dome to what was 30 feet under the river. It was cold and dark down there. I didn't mess around with getting to the other side.

200,000 white tiles that line it. The 1st pic on the post shows the view from the other side. I didn't stop to take a pic until the end of the tunnel was in sight.


I was excited to see the new store (it's over a yr old but I haven't seen it before so new to me) on London's Regent St . The layout of the store is amazing, as they all are. But they had really old things that came out in the US months and even years ago. Things that I have already seen marked down in the US 50%+ off. And not only are they full priced here but marked in the pound--no conversion done. That's an additional 50% markup right there. I don't think I saw anything new in the store that I haven't seen before back home. Which says a lot because you could go (not saying I do) weekly in the states and still find new treasures and new markdowns. New markdowns take place every Tuesday back home. No withdraws here though for not being able to purchase anything for anthro. I'm a big look and feel shopper. I'm drawn more to their home decor too these days. But I can't even follow the new releases. When I try to get on the website, it reroutes me to the European site. The new releases are so old it's really frustrating me. I've tried getting on the US site and there seems to be no way. Did I mention I can't even pull up the July catalog?


I pulled this pic off an email update I got from Antro. When I go to click though it bring me to the UK site.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I did a day trip to bath a few weeks ago. I was only a couple hours away on the train. It was the neatest town. A day wasn't enough really, but I wanted to be home before Drew got done with work. They're known for their Roman Baths with excellent mineral water. They now have popular modern baths as well--spas as we know it. The Cathedral in the center of town is a sight to see. I really enjoyed.

The shopping bridge above reminded me of Florence.

The Cathedral seen right next to the Bath is beautiful.

The worst part about traveling solo besides being alone is not have people in your pics. I much prefer to have people in my pics. At the baths I asked some people to take my pic. weirdo!

The Fudge store next to the cathedral is amazing. you can see it on the left.

They say this is the oldest house in bath. Tourist rap really. But neat to see the carriage carrier thing that they would carry the ladies in to and from the bath.

If you go to Bath, have to have their Bun.

Located on the river and is so beautiful. As with most Roman ruins, city built on top of the city. You can see the lower half of the city here.

Graduation day. Graduates and their family everywhere. I picked a busy day to go to Bath. But glad I went nevertheless.

Jane Austin lived in Bath and did a lot of her writings here. I think I was told on 3 separate occasions that 'Jane Austin lived here.' She must have moved around a lot.
He museum below even though I didn't bother.

Monday, July 26, 2010

William Shakespeare...

Stratford-upon-Avon was a really cute town. Although W.S. was born here and had a strong presence, I can't believe how much they live off his skirt tails. Everything is Shakespeare. Even street performers.

WS buried in the church. He paid his way into clergy to do so.

They started a 'Shakespeare archilogical dig' a couple months back. WS used to live on this land but an owner years down the road tore the house down because tourist were always hovering over his house. It's been beautiful gardens for the last while. They are now digging to see if they can find any WS memorbila. They have found one old wooden dice that 'WS proabably used' and are freaking about it.

Pubs, restaurants, and much more named after him.

Dressed like the 15th century I guess, signing and raising money.

WS cookies for sale.

Home where WS born and lived with Anne Hathaway when they were first married.

Her cottage was beautiful. She stayed in Stratford when WS was working and living in London.

So handsome! I've been doing most of my exploring solo because Drew is busy working. This was a fun Saturday because he could come with. xo

London Mission...

The most special thing about living here is reliving (only in a small part) Andrew's mission 4 years ago. Have I blogged about this already? I think so... This last weekend though we were able to go to a mission reunion seeing some of the Elders that Andrew served with from Europe. Missionaries came from Germany and France too. It was amazing to meet the very people that Andrew has spoken so highly of and who has played such a key role in Andrew's life.

This is the Hyde Park Chapel we live close too and where the mission offices are located.


Sunday stroll through the park...

The wall mural in the church is absolutely amazing. It depicts the different stages of life. We're standing right where we are in life--in between marriage and fam. The title of description of each stage is beautiful. I wrote down the headings but don't have them with me right now to share.

Andrew's 2 mission presidents.

I was able to meet Sister French and Becky at the reunion as well. I don't think people get much better than this. So good to meet them at last!

The reunion was at the temple in S. London. Temple grounds always maculate.

I love to see the temple! Beautiful...