Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'C' is for...

pic from this site back in the day
  • Cinque Terre- has to be one of the most beautiful coastline hikes in the world
  • Cabbage- an acquired taste
  • Colorful- great way to describe me
  • Condoleezza Rice- my most recent hero; gets her own post here shortly
  • Cafe- street side eating in Europe is my favorite
  • Candle- constant in my life with one lit most all the time.
  • Caring- I was interrupted while doing this post to a knock at the door where flowers were delivered from my mom and sister who have to be the most thoughtful people
  • Charles Carras- my nephew who is only a month old, yet I feel like I know so much about his character and personality already
  • Cajun- 'nuff said
  • Crock pot- how we roll most every Sunday
  • Cellulite- my least favorite work next to puss & moist; I said it.
  • Canary- Does it make you think of the bird or a diamond?
  • Chester, Chester, the Child Molester- a guy who came to virtually every b-ball game in high school and stood under the basket and took pics all game long. I never saw a single pic. I can only imagine what he did with. It just always freaked me out. He got the nick name accordingly.
  • Cookies- no diet can and not enough will power to say 'no' to an available cookie
  • Christ- Savior, Redeemer, Son of God, Prince of Peace, Friend
  • Charity- favorite word, not because I have it but I want it and it encompasses everything I really want in life
  • Cuz- my pin-pal from Indonesia who reminds me in every email exchanged that Andrew and I have a place to stay if we ever come to visit
  • Crutches- far too familiar with these; crutches in the dead of winter on snow/ice is the worst


Rachel Ricchio said...

i have to admit that right when i saw the "C" i thought "Checketts," but Cinque Terre is also my favorite place! I remember hiking all of those villages not knowing what a longggg hike that would be! amazing nonetheless!

Anonymous said...
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Courtney Peña said...

I was pretty surprised when I got to the end of your list of "C"s and I wasn't included...