Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kate Spade 2011...

How they've changed since the nylon bags that I remember so well in 7th grade.
This years marketing efforts and advertising campaign appeals to all 6 of my senses. Their graphic designers have to be extra special too.

If I read my emails, I guess I would have known about this "Live Color Fully" release. But since I don't, I got an earful in the store yesterday as I was strolling along with a 3 week old, who I can't wait to show pics of. Every month KS is highlighting a specific color and print. They're starting strong with red this month. I guess an artist is highlighted too each month and prints are available to buy. From product to decor, the store was completely decked in red. & that will all turn over to purple next month. Clever!

The KS gumdrop earings that you see in every other ear are now being matched with a ring. This would be the "Year of Color January" ring. February is purple and I think they said March is yellow.
The new spade symbol added to the earful. 2011 is turning over a new look. Pretty much anything you own without the Spade is vintage.

Oh, and they make jeans now too.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

im obsessed with kate spade! once i get my job im buying myself a little diddy!