Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coat fetish...


I feel in love with this coat when Andrew and I were traveling in June. But a month later when we were settled in London I decided it's a one of a kind with great European flare that I adore. But I just wasn't going to pay for it in the pound. The amount didn't change from the Euro to the Pound but the conversion sure did.
So when my mom and I were in Spain, the mother country of this coat, I found it on sale--really on sale. Great things happen to those that wait.

Someone the other day refereed to my style as Bohemian. That's not quite the look I'm after but I'll take it as a complement.

The embroidered flowers on the side are almost as great as the buttons.


Meggera said...

It's GORGEOUS! Love your style, love your coats, and LOVE you!

Rachel Ricchio said...

i've always admired your fashion style . . . especially in your plethora of coats that consumed your CW closet! i loved them all!

Mandi said...

Love this coat, you look great in it! I miss wearing coats, but not the snow!