Thursday, January 13, 2011

Repurposed Reindeer...

Did anyone else see this Anthropologie window display at Christmas?

I couldn't of been happier to find them 75% off after Christmas. Better, they were tucked away and didn't even say they were on sale. An employee walked by and told me. There were only a couple left in the Soho store and all had minor blemishes so I got an additional 10%. & they shipped it for practically no additional fee.

Deer aren't a season thing in Utah. They're year round.

Pardon the pic's lack of white balance on my phone. The dresser is actually yellow and the walls are white. More about the art here.


Fabric/cotton wrapped with a paper mache core and antlers--made in India.

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Heather and Taylor said...

AMAZING!! You are so lucky you were able to find these...maybe when you guys move you won't have enough room.. so you could leave the deer with me. :)