Wednesday, January 26, 2011

St. George...

is all about the out-doors


It amazes me that we can drive 3 hours south and get an entirely different look with red rock and much warmer weather.

These dear friends let us come along for the weekend. Taylor is preparing for the St. George marathon and had to run in this qualifier Andrew ran as well. It was just a 5k to their relief. Races make for a fun atmosphere. I always walk away wanting to get my bum in shape. It was nice to be on the sidelines this time.

Loved meeting Taylor's family who was there running as well.

These type of people never cease to amaze me. I thought they were triplets at first but I think there are twins and then a third child close in ago. Wonder-woman!

Thanks Heather and Taylor!

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Heather and Taylor said...

I love you. Come home to me already.