Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mardi Gras & King Cakes...

I haven't been to a Mardi Gras since high school. No, we don't get a Mardi Gras break here in Utah that allows us to celebrate in preparation for Lent. Nor do we have a stack of King Cake's for sale at the front of our grocery store. But my kind parents are always good about sending a cake every year through this company. It comes overnight and is extremely tasty. 

Kellee & I actually met last year for the first time over a King Cake. She got the baby in her piece, so as custom goes... she had to bring the next king cake. 

FedEx'ed and ready.


Kellee Marie Cook said...

So glad I got the king baby.. look at all the luck it has given me!! megan got it this year, looks like she'll have to bring it next year.. via your mom. ;)

Suzie and Chadd said...

Darn it Mary!! Now I'm really tempted to send myself a King Cake!! Bring on the baby pounds...right??