Thursday, February 10, 2011

Utah Jazz & Jerry Sloan...

 Last night, we went to the Jazz game with Andrew's Grandpa and Uncle. I haven't been to a game in over 5 years, and this was Drew's and mine first Jazz game together. So we were grateful for the invite and a chance to be with Grandpa. We insisted on treating Grandpa to dinner before. All he wanted was Crown Burger and even then he had to pay. He's the dearest man full of so much wisdom. 

One of the many blocked shots.

Andrew explained to me the Jazz/Boozer dynamics on our drive down to SLC. I've heard a little about it as the girl on the Bachelor had an affair with him. Can't say I watch the Bachelor, but I've heard the dialog between friends.

I had trouble focusing on each possession because of everything going on all around me. Let me just say, I've never seen so many stereotypical Utah women in one centralized demographic in my life. And I don't mean that rude, but it's true. Even if you don't care for bball, it's an event full of entertainment. 

When I watch an NBA game, I find myself looking up where each player went to college.  I only knew of Paul Millsap prior. He is the starting forward for the Jazz. We are from the same hometown and graduated from high-school (diff. high-schools) the same year. I remember him averaging like 23 boards a game. He went to Louisiana Tech and look at him now. Small town boy. 

While Andrew was getting treats, Grandpa and I had a heart to heart at halftime talking about life, jobs, and this book. Meanwhile, Jerry Sloan and players were having a bit of a show down there in the locker room I learned today.  It's hard to believe that after 23+ years with the Jazz, last night was his last game as coach.  I did make a comment to Andrew last night that I thought it was weird that the coach was sitting the entire game. I guess I missed the 2 times he stood up that later I read in an article. There were conflicts of interest between ownership, coach, and D. Wills, the star player. But Sloan was very tight lip about it in today's press conference. 

Dunno the name of the guy sitting below but this was right after a flagrant foul that fans thought he should have been thrown out over. 

Starting them young...

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Curtis & Shelby said...

curtis is a HUGE jazz ESPN/video clips online were playing all day the day Sloan's crazy. he got a little bit shaken up when he saw the headline announcing it all. that's awesome that you guys were at his last game. we hate boozer...i'll have to show him your post, he'll enjoy reading it and hearing that about millsap. love ya!