Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winston Churchill...

Churchill understood that great things are done by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. 

Winston and his fiance Clementine in 1908
Growing up, Andrew had a dog named Winston and later a dog named Clementine. 

Andrew's family highly revers and speaks often of Winston Churchill.  In fact, Drew and I's last day in London this summer was spent in the Churchill War Rooms. It was fascinating to learn a bit more about his powerful role in the war and leadership among the Brits.  Everyone has someone they are passionate about and can speak endlessly about; it's fascinating to learn who that person is for various people. For Andrew, along with the other boys in the family, it's Winston Churchill. I love it! 

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

I love going to the cabinet war rooms. Such a cool place to visit and you learn so much about him.