Saturday, April 23, 2011


This week has been an exciting one as Andrew has finished up his last semester at the Y. 
Great Major; Great GPA; Great Student

Kind of Andrew's brothers to come and support. 
Cheers to Nate, on the left, who set us up. And Spencer, on the right, who woke up at 6am to be there. 

Mark (far left), Andrew's best friend from home, is moving to NYC to be a banker with Goldman.
Dave (second from the right) is another good friend from home that was in Andrew's program. He got a consulting job with Accenture in San Fran. 
And Corey (far right) is working is Los Angeles in supply chain I think with DLR. 
Way to go guys!
(pardon the sun spot. I wasn't the only one shooting so didn't want to shake things up)

Neat to celebrate Andrew's accomplishment in my old stomping ground. 

Nice of dad to be here all week and treat us to such a good time. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around when we have visitors?

Andrew's parents hosted a lovely graduation dinner for an intimate group of family and close friends. 

Andrew's grandpa has to be one of the finest people I know. He is so wise, compassionate, and humble. Talk about a life well lived...   He had the sweetest things to say about Andrew in regards to graduation and his strong character. I have so much love and admiration for Grandpa. I can't do it justice with a little excerpt on a blog. 


Heather and Taylor said...

Love these pictures. Congrats again to Andrew!

Martha Abell said...

Congratulations Andrew!!!!!!! I am very proud of you!! Thanks for posting the pictures since I could not be there. Love you!!!

lyndsey said...

aw congratulations again! hooray! it was so fun seeing you outside graduation -- great to catch up!

Meggera said...

Congrats Drew! So proud of you Cuz! Can't wait to hear all about the next adventures!

Courtney Peña said...

That post almost made me cry. first of all, CONGRATS to ANDREW. what a great accomplishment. second of all, I love looking at those pictures and thinking about BYU and what a great place it is. It really creates amazing experiences and people. I can't believe I am not there anymore. That is where I met you! If that is the only thing that wonderful school did for me, it would have all been worth it! MISS YOU!!!!

Life's One Big Tripp said...

Graduation is the best, congrats to Andrew! Where are you two headed now? I'm sure somewhere fun!

Lindsey S. said...

Congrats to Andrew. That is so awesome!