Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you don't brush your teeth....

they will look like this. Or that is what my dad told me at least when I was a little girl. Lesson learned.

My dad just got a Fox-trotter that loves to have his muzzle scratched. He sticks out his nose to be closer to the scratching. It's the cutest thing ever. This angle of the pic makes him seem a little possessed. But you can see his stained teeth. 

I was crouched on the ground giving the cat some TLC and this horses (doesn't have a name yet) bent down under the tie down bar to get more scratches.  Pardon his corners. This was after a long ride. 

I'm far partial to Quarter horses. And I dislike riding with Fox-trotters because their walking gate is about 3's faster. It's a nuisance to keep up. But I like this little guy. He's tender. 

Hay barn hangout.
Does it get much prettier than this?

Tickles 2 is the barn cat who thinks he is boss. I've seen him walk under horse's belly without a worry. I'm hoping he doesn't walk under the wrong horse one day.


Maria said...

I love it! Your horse looks like he's got quite the personality. I love horses with personality - they always make things so much more... interesting.

Heather and Taylor said...

I can't wait to meet Sassy.