Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mr. Bow Tie...

Since I can remember, my dad has worn bow ties for any and all occasions. It 's very fitting for his very clean and proper look. 
It's that time of year where he starts pulling out the more colorful ones. 

Andrew's family did the cutest thing for the wedding party they hosted in Connecticut.  They provided the cutest Vineyard Vines bow ties for the dad's and groomsmen to wear. Dad was proud to be called upon to tie everyone's tie. They looked so handsome. He wears it to this day and will send me a text to let me know he is doing so. 
I wish I had a pic on this computer of all the guys wearing their bow ties with their matching shirts/blazers/kaki slacks.


nichole said...

You and your family are SOOO beautiful.

I'm actually making some bow ties for bijou market this weekend... does your dad like the kind that adjust or the solid piece of fabric?



Mama Swalz said...

Mary Martha- you guys are just class!! Not many men can carry off bow ties... but those Abell men can do it, and do it right! We miss you girl- you need to come by! I can't wait till your mom and dad come out for the big day! Love you tons!


Heather and Taylor said...

You look amazing!

Dayna said...

your dad is so handsome. and you are gorgeous!

the smith's said...

You're dad is the cutest! Oh my gosh, i love it so much.