Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talking Royals...

Apologies if you are sick of wedding talk. I welcome it all. But not obsessed--just super intrigued.  My heart is still with Diana, but I'm open for more Royal love. I feel like tomorrow will set the tone. I expect so much more than a tubed top dress--like Diana's puffy shoulders and long sleeves. I hated to hear that Kate is deathly allergic to horses. Surely she'll have the carriage debut. I read it was air filtered. More random facts and the minute play by play update here.  
I'm just another spectator, but I'm expecting to have the 'oh and 'ah dazzling experience. Is there something wrong with me?

These are portraits in the National Portrait Gallery. I'm not sure if I was allowed to take pics, but no one said anything.  I look forward to an additional one of K&W. 

 Neat to see the Andy Warhol pics of the queen reflected in Charles's pic.

For the record, I never thought William was cute.

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Mari Kjar said...

really? i think william is cute, but especially at like 16-17... harry is definately cute. has nothing on our hubbies though!!! i thought her dress was gorgeous. loved the sleeves- like yours! the royal wedding and love story has been so intriguing i've so enjoyed getting into the fairy tale of it!! maybe i'm just home too much!!