Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sundance Rehearsal Dinner...

Taken from the deck of the Rehearsal Hall
Seating for 150. 43 of 46 of my mom's family came... all out of town guests from various states. They sure do know how to rally behind each other and give support.

 Guests of Honor

Kate Middleton has nothing on Kellee Cook

My nephews and their Grandpa Tuft

Representing the Louisiana folk... Kent has been Harold's best friend since Kindergarden. Kent and his mom gave two of the kindest toasts. 

Connected at the heart...

Harold has some of the most impressive friends. Dan (second from the left) was on the male practice team my freshman year. So I knew him really well. He went on to be in charge of the w. bball operations. Later he lived with Harold and is now coaching at Denver University. He is a dear friend to us both. Great to see him.

I don't have as many family pics as I'd like. 


Rachel Ricchio said...

HELLO you look amazingly beautiful! your hair is gorg!

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