Sunday, June 12, 2011


This time last year we hardly knew Heather & Taylor. We had seen them at church for over a year and kind of knew them but that was about all. The week before we left for London last summer, Heather brought over some homemade jam. When we came back in the fall, we courted them hardcore. The next year in Provo, which was our last, is full of so many great memories with these guys.  Within a few months time, we had an open door policy (although never audibly defined). Nights where I didn't cook, we would just walk on over and count on Heather's delicious cooking. 

We walked out on the pier to see Heather's brother surf, who I learned the CA lingo from. 'Kook' is my new favorite word. 

I think this was a beach in Laguna. I get all the towns confused. 

Not the most flattering pic but perfectly defines Saturday.

Mr. Reese, Heather's dad, came out and taught Andrew and I how to paddle board. I was the only one in a wet suit out on the water. But I knew I'd fall in and heard the water was freezing. I'm used to the warm Louisiana waters so I was the freak in the wet suit. And somehow I convinced Andrew he might want one too. 

Andrew was quick to take his wet suit off. 

We struggled when the two of us tried to board together. I was trying to balance the board with my hands and Andrew would over compensate. We didn't fall in though. We just didn't make it very far out in the marina. It was nice to learn without waves though. 

When we were laying out, this seal came on shore headed right towards us. The lifeguard came running over asking us to back up. 

He was so cute. He was throwing sand on his back to cool off. He only stuck around for about 5 minutes and then did the worm back to the water. 

Thank you Florence's for such a special weekend. 


Heather and Taylor said...

We and my family love you more than words! Start spreadin' the news.. we'll see you in New York! xooxoxoxo

Sean and Summer said...

only you can make a wetsuit look insanely attractive.

Dayna said...

Looks like so much fun! I am glad that you keep posting on your blog because I haven't seen you forever, so I'm glad you have had so much fun!

Whitney Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fun trip.
Next stop...NYC!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey S. said...

These pictures are beautiful!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

I love that seal so much. Wish I was there to see it. Also, love that you wore a wetsuit.. Haha