Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy...

Not sure a couple gets more beautiful than this.
Can't help but wonder what their little ones would look like these days. What a tragic premature death. 

I've finally made the connection who my sister-in-law looks like...
They rocked the same sheek silk on their wedding day--and wore it well.

Incredible how much they look alike. Agrees?
This profile pic is similar to my other s-in-law too. Cute pic of her here.

 Photo taken by John Matthew Smith

I love the white dress so much I had to copt that over. She had the most conservative yet stunning style. No sleaze. 


Kellee Marie Cook said...

My twin! Hah. Such s compliment that you think I look like her.. I can see it too, we have very similar noses i feel.

Martha Abell said...

They do look a lot alike!!! But Kellee Marie is even more pretty inside and out. Harold is very blessed!