Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celine Dion rocks my world...

I can't even begin to explain the love and admiration I have for this lady. Simply put, she's amazing. 
When Andrew accepted an offer for employment--grown up stuff I'm not ready to talk about yet--we realized we didn't have much time left  for spontaneity chaos. Chaos, because we have no time sometimes doing the things we do. And we realized if we didn't go now, strictly for show purposes, then we never would. And no telling how long Celine D. will be around. 

Let me just say, Vegas is lucky to have her...
 I cried through a good portion of the show.
Her body is incredible.
The outfit changes were mind boggling. 
She is incredibly energetic, engaging, and emotional. 
She's a mom of twins. Enough said. 

 We went to the Sugar Factory across the street 2 or 3 times for either a shake or sweet and savory crepe. 


I think we were there less than 48 hours. It was our first Jetsetter experience and it gave us way too much bang for our buck. I'm guessing they were panicked to fill their hotel a week prior.  The Cosmopolitan was just completed last December.  I don't even think we walked out on the strip other than to get to point A & B... my type of V. experience. Our room was the neatest most modern thing ever. I had to take a pic of the closet wall paper.  The Cosmo is the tall building next to the Belagio. 

The O-show surpasses all yoga ideals.
This type of stuff blows my mind...


Dayna said...

when did you guys go to VEGAS?!?!?!

cheriemclawson said...

Nana loves LASVEGAS! How fun for you....
Shows are the best there!