Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Orleans...

 My family along with Kellee's family spent some time in New Orleans together. Everything we did revolved around eating. We laughed, sweated, and walked more than I could of imagined prior. It's been over 90 everyday and very humid, but that's not a complaint. 

 Most of the housing in the French Quarter dates from 1790-1890. The colored shutters were my favorite along with the cast iron balcony. 

Happy belated Memorial Day

So neat how Christ reflects on to the cathedral with Bourbon street just one street over. Prior to Katrina there were Oak Trees throughout the courtyard area so the light didn't reflect off.  Although all the trees fell, the statue was unharmed except a couple fingers plucked off.

Could you imagine going to a school that looked like this?
Sacred Heart, all girls catholic prep school

iconic Jackson Square

Crawfish season

This guy's great-grandfather started this candy joint. Ran into him on St. Charles St.

Family favorite...
 Menu matched her necklace and her personality--merry and bright!

Sitting in the courtyard waiting to be seated

My good friend Paul from high school met us for dinner. He is swamped with med school studies. 

The look of New Orleans

 How about those hanging baskets and potted flowers?

One night the lobby flowers look like this, and the next night they looked like the other. 


Chris and Paige Evans said...

It looks just like Disneyland! Or rather, Disneyland looks just like New Orleans!! FUN!

neil and jes said...

wow this looks so fabulous - you make me want to hop on the next flight down!

PS you look gorgeous, hope you are well xx

Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

Wow, such a beautiful place and I love the flowers! So fun that you get to go home so often!

Heather and Taylor said...

LOVE this post! I wish I was there! It looks like a party! xo

breanna said...

so fun seeing y'all at church that day! And that is Renee's school...she's such a lucky girl :)