Sunday, June 19, 2011

Under the Sea...

I didn't realize previously, but this is just what I need when we dive. Andrew mistakingly swam up to my sister one time and grabbed for her hand only to learn it wasn't me. Everyone seems to blend together as tanks, masks, and wet suits are fairly unified and standard. 

I go back and forth on heels in real life anyways. It's not a confidence issue. Andrew isn't bothered. It's exhausting though being 6'5 (in heels) and people either asking or stating the obvious. So I might resolve to these guys... under the sea that is. 

And if you're wondering who produced these... Jesica Simpson and her dynasty. I must admit that she intrigues me.

The following might be more fitting for me in real life. I have no idea who to link these too though. 

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Dayna said...

those are awesome mary! SO MUCH FUN! I hope the transition and move is going well for you guys. I can't wait to hear an update on andrews job and how he lieks it. We will be out there soon to talk!