Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USA vs Spain, 0-4

It's not that we were that bad; Spain was just that good. They did win the world cup after all. I don't know a whole lot about soccer. But it didn't take much to recognize their amazing talent. They passed the ball so well and had seemingly flawless ball control. Despite the blowout score, I was very entertained and amazed unlike any live soccer I have seen before.

Andrew's brother Ben and his best friend organized the day trip to Boston to see the game. Andrew and I were fortunate to jump on board when we found out we'd be in town. 

If I heard correctly, the announcer said there were 64,000 people in attendance, and it was record breaking for a soccer game in America. Could that be right?  There seemed to be more people cheering for Spain than USA. Or it at least appeared that way because they were doing all the scoring. 

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