Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th with friends & family...

New Canaan's Waveny Park
Always a happy festive family place to be.

 Andrew and I had a good laugh thinking about our 4th experience in London last year. A lady got up at church with all seriousness and was talking about how they celebrate the holiday because they got rid of us Americans. Thankfully, this sweet couple, who we met that day, invited us to picnic together in the park.

 We enjoyed the weekend with friends we met in Utah who are now living out this way. Whitney and I were roommates. We lived together from the day I met Drew until we got married.
Thanks for making the train trek out to see us. We look forward to living with these guys in the city.
 Best dressed band ever. I recognized one of the old guys from a couple years back. Glad he's still going strong.
 I was eye-balling these nails all night. Glad I got a pic before the night was over.

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